A Visual Artist


K4change a.K.a VJ-Kai is a new media designer & VJ.

VJ Kai is a New Media visual artist who graduated at Academy of Art University San Francisco in New Media MFA with Working interdisciplinary and experimental with multimedia in a variety of disciplines. From audio/visual live performance, projection mapping, generative animation, music videos, stage design to art installations, his work has been shown to broad audiences around the world. The underlying process includes electronic music video production, motion graphics and other tasks related to videography, recording and post-production. He continues to design original content, develop custom software using Touch Designer to build VJ and Projection Mapping Installation audio visual environments. 

He has exhibited at numerous events and festivals such as Masquerotica (SF), Opulent Temple - Sacred Dance (SF), Burning Man (Black Rock City), Coachella (Indio), Insomniac EDC (Las Vegas), Lighting in the Bottle (CA) and Dance Port (Taiwan), One Love Dancing Festival (Taiwan), SpringWave Sunset (Taiwan, China). He received a MFA degree in New Media from the Academy of Art University San Francisco, California and went on to teach himself how to write programming code for his audio/video performances. He founded the New Media Studio K4changE.com in 2009 which features Creating & performing 3D Projection Mapping with live visual mixing for the music industry, clubs, concerts and outdoor gatherings as well as for museums live, theater and film industry. He continues to exhibit internationally, expanding his techniques and finding new applications. The result is an augmented reality experience with intermodal qualities. Produce his works through any form of mixed approach, pursue expansion in reality of somatosensory experience. 

At 2013, he re-located to Asia and living at Taipei Taiwan. He collaborators include music festival with One Love Dancing Fest and Acidhaus Production, SpringWave SunSet (Taiwan)... for develop visual environment and serving as lead VJ team.

VJ 簡介

K4change a.K.a VJ凱 為新媒體設計師 & VJ。

VJ凱, 誰是新媒體跨學科的工作和實驗,在不同學科的多媒體視覺藝術家。從音頻/視頻現場演出,投影映射,生成動畫,音樂視頻,舞台設計,裝置藝術,他的作品曾在世界各地廣泛的觀眾。基本過程包括電子音樂錄像製作,動畫及相關視頻攝影術,錄音和後期製作等任務。他的作品在眾多的活動和節日,如 Masquerotica (SF),Opulent Temple - Sacred Dance ( SF),Burning Man (Black Rock City), Coachella (Indio), Insomniac EDC (Las Vegas), Lighting in the Bottle (CA) 和 電音港(台灣),OneLove Dancing Festival 跳舞節 (台灣), SpringWave Sunset (台灣, 中國)。他獲得了新媒體的碩士學位在加州舊金山藝術大學,和繼續教自己如何編寫自己的音頻/視頻表演節目的代碼。他創辦的新媒體工作室 K4changE.com 在 2009 年其特點建立和執行 3D 投影映射與可視化現場混音的音樂產業,俱樂部,音樂會,戶外聚會,以及對生活的博物館,戲劇和電影業。他繼續表現出國際上,擴大他的技術和尋找新的應用程序。其結果是一個增強現實的經驗與聯運素質。通過任何形式的混合方法產生他的作品中,追求擴張的體感體驗的現實。


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